Capture Value

Capture Value

AnnexMed, your resource for cost-effective, high quality solutions

Expert guidance, streamlined processes and speed to revenue

Our transformation solutions offer operational improvements that enhance our clients overall experience. We are confident that our comprehensive approach and innovative solutions will help your organization exceed strategic goals, reduce cost and optimize revenue cycle processes by significantly improving net revenue, reducing denials, and improving quality and patient satisfaction.

As a leading provider of revenue cycle services, our partnerships are designed to take your organization to the next level. Our models include onshore and full or partial offshore capabilities. We work diligently to ensure that our solutions fit seamlessly into your operational platform.  At AnnexMed, we stand behind our work and deliver on our commitments to our partners.

AnnexMed- capture value while optimizing revenue

AnnexMed’s business model is designed to bring productive capacity to a labor constrained market. Our solutions offer improved production, increased quality, streamlined workflow processes and speed to revenue.

Client dashboards are an important aspect of measuring the effectiveness of our quality assurance, training and educational programs. We measure new hire quality, training attrition, training yield, training quality, quality scores, productivity, turnaround time, and monthly educational test performance.


We offer a robust operating model with multiple options for clients to choose from: onshore, blended shore, or offshore delivery models.  Our blended model is designed to meet training and management needs while enabling us to offer a lower cost through the support of our highly trained offshore resources.

Most organizations are challenged by the annual increase of overhead expense including training, salaries, benefits and space planning. They’ve dealt with industry changes and peaks and valleys as a result of periods of increased illness, such as flu season, or seasonal shifts in census. While it may be convenient to have internal teams, it can also prove costly.

Internal operating teams provide a sense of security to organizational leaders, but with that comfort also comes a sense of uncertainty. Managers seldom have the correct staff: volume ratios, which unfortunately leads to periods of idle capacity or panic due to having a backlog, likely causing a delay in reimbursement. Regardless of the scenario, they’re paying a fixed overhead for inconsistent productivity.

Organizations that choose to outsource all, or part of their operation, gain highly trained team members, guaranteed accuracy rates, improved turnaround times and speed to revenue. The reduction in overhead and improved productivity enhances cash flow that can significantly improve the bottom line.

AnnexMed offers cost-effective solutions with a team of highly educated, well-trained revenue cycle experts. Our scalable solutions are designed to lower costs while dramatically improving performance outcomes.

A Track Record of Performance with Personalized Service

We believe that strong client relationship is a must have in the revenue cycle management business. Our clients have learned to expect personal, relationship-driven service as our hallmark while relying upon our strong understanding of medical billing, healthcare practice management, the insurance industry, and the latest regulations.

In addition to providing expert support, we seek to optimize our clients’ revenue cycle through continuous process improvements and improved technologies – all meant to enhance your bottom line.  With a team of skilled and experienced medical billing staff we are committed to providing personal and results oriented services to our clients.


Our staff are our greatest assets applying experience, enabling efficiency, and sharing knowledge. Our employees are a team of highly focused and experienced professionals. AnnexMed’s 100% graduate workforce hold degrees in life sciences, management, finance, and accounting. Our medical coders are industry certified (AHIMA and AAPC) with deep revenue cycle expertise. And our seasoned management team exercises control and insight over all business operations.

AnnexMed has a global talent management program to identify, develop, lead, and reward employees consistently. We develop the potential of all employees to help us achieve our goal of being the best healthcare organization. Intense and ‘continuous learning’ in pursuit of excellence, is the AnnexMed training motto. Our training process is holistic, with emphasis on soft skills including leadership, people management, and customer centricity as well as technical skills like Six Sigma tools and techniques, processes, metrics, and root cause analysis.

AnnexMed establishes a completely transparent working environment by customizing our Process Management application (Billinglog) to provide you a complete insight into our operations. Additionally, we engage in periodic calibrations to ensure complete success in the transfer of knowledge.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) populates process rules by practice or specialty and a periodic sign-off from the client is established. Our project management team engages with you periodically to ensure that we are fully delivering on all our commitments and exceeding your expectations.

Empowered team tackles challenges faced at an aggregate level as well as an individual level with all the right Six Sigma tools. AnnexMed delivers exceptional quality to enable optimal performance. We employ and integrate best practice business processes into our clients’ organizations to increase their operational efficiency, thereby controlling avoiding costs and increasing revenue generation and retention.

AnnexMed empowers revenue cycle operations a collaboration between powerful workflow and productivity enhancement systems. This gives us a clear view of RCM metrics to support informed decision-making. It also enables results through engagement and business intelligence.


Our business model is founded on a strong foundation of corporate management and planning. We have dedicated teams to support our internal as well as external customers to ensure a harmonious and positive atmosphere.

AnnexMed’s recruiting model helps us hire the right mix of people to create a vibrant and winning culture. At AnnexMed, we build a strong foundation of learning with multiple soft skills and RCM certification programs. The infrastructure backbone is built on high-speed, redundant, reliable voice and data networks that ride on best-in-class technologies. AnnexMed leverages strong relationships with leading technology vendors to access and acquire the latest technologies.

We anticipate and adapt to change, embracing innovation so as to better serve our clients with a unique blend of operating model with process knowledge, the most mature work flow, proven technology, and some of the most gifted individuals allow us to deliver exceptional quality and value.