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    I am much satisfied with AnnexMed team’s work. You were kind and prompt to come in and streamline a sad situation and give me information on where I stood. I have been very happy since from I have switched my billing services to AnnexMed. The billing has been done in a timely manner and the collections have been excellent. I must say that they are one of the best professional companies that I have done business with. They will help you take your revenue to the next level and do the best to expand your client list.

    CEO Billing Company – CO

  • AnnexMed has been a reliable Billing Company. AnnexMed’s staff are a pleasure to work with and are responsive to our needs. Previously, when billing functions were performed in-house, we were losing thousands of dollars monthly due to incompetent billing practices and our cost of collections was far too high. AnnexMed turned our billing around in the first few months after we hired them. I vouch for any physician to avail their billing services.

    Cardiologist – NJ

  • AnnexMed’s team has been helping me out for the last 8 years with all of our billing needs. The day-to-day customer service is incredible, helping to navigate the maze of billing regulations painlessly. I can also attest to the integrity of the business, and would highly recommend AnnexMed Billing to any billing company for a safe and efficient medical billing service.

    Vice President Billing Company – FL

  • I highly recommend AnnexMed to anyone that would ask. Their staff is reliable and efficient and they have significantly increased my collections. I was concerned about changing billing services but they made the transition seamless. There was no delay to our accounts receivables in fact, I saw a significant increase in the amount of collections we received. Now AM does the work for me, and I get paid by the insurance companies more quickly than I ever imagined possible. I would recommend AnnexMed to any healthcare service provider without any hesitation.

    Orthopedic Surgeon – VA

  • AnnexMed has been providing billing services for my dermatology practice for the past year. I have had no issues in receiving reimbursement in a timely fashion. It has been a pleasure working with AnnexMed and I look forward to utilizing their services for a longer tenure.

    Dermatologist – OH

  • I have been a client of AnnexMed for years now and have been completely satisfied with the entire billing service operations. I have only compliments for their billing team.

    Office Manager – Practice in NY

  • AnnexMed Billing Services has been our billing company for over 2.5 years. They have provided an honest and reputable billing service for us – at a reasonable price. AM has been extremely empathetic to our patients’ needs, and has provided excellent communication to us regarding every special case. What’s best about the team is their dedication to micro level details and thinking about billing issues before they are a problem. Their extensive knowledge in Medical Billing procedures and policies has proven to be beneficial to my practice. I genuinely recommend them to any physician or medical group seeking a specialized and trustworthy billing service.

    Physician group – FL

  • I would like to thank AnnexMed Billing for the quality of work your organization has done for my billing since 2009. They are reliable, the staff is knowledgeable, and they help address the day-to-day billing issues we all face in our company.

    Founder & Chairman Billing Company – CT

  • I have been working with AnnexMed over 3 years now after starting my practice. AnnexMed has taken the hassle out of insurance claims and has proven to be cost effective in the handling of my Insurance and Patient Billing. In addition, my practice utilizes modifiers extensively. Therefore, coding knowledge and accuracy are very important to me. They consistently stay abreast of changes in billing & coding requirements and perform the job I hired them to do. I am much satisfied.

    Physician – VA

  • I am very convinced that my company can provide exceptional services to our clients and we can offer unlimited services to many different types of providers with your knowledge and assistance in streamlining our billing processes. Through the past several months I have been very pleased with how efficient, accurate, and reliable your staff has been. I highly recommend AnnexMed Billing Services without reservation to handle all facets of medical billing and collections.

    President Billing Company – NJ

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