Quality and continuous process improvement has been the cornerstone of operational practice at AnnexMed. Real and sustained improvements require investments in the right methodologies and software. At AnnexMed, process excellence is a scientific methodology that brings holistic improvements. Our software division provides technology to deal with the complexities of revenue cycle management and claims adjudication services, with the objective of being able to efficiently manage the process, improve usability and productivity, and provide accuracy in results.

Among the many best practices that AnnexMed has implemented for effective process management, the proprietary tool Process Management System (PMS) is a standing testimony to the commitment to quality, which AnnexMed has developed with significant investment. PMS is a comprehensive process management tool that provides account managers with complete dashboard metrics on an ongoing basis. It has exceptional drill-down capability for identifying root causes of issues and correlation of performance to various aspects of business. In addition, a whole suite of analytics can be performed to better understand process performance. As is the case with AnnexMed services, our PMS software is customizable to the unique needs of each client.

Also, our proprietary software effectively tracks SLAs, ensures higher accuracy levels, and increases productivity. The software also affords significant reduction in turnaround time with higher operational control and better time management. We are in a position to provide complete transparency to our clients with our online 24×7 real-time dashboards with customized reporting and analysis metrics.

The software is an integral part of our service offering and is included at no charge to our customers. To keep pace with the remarkably swift strides that technology is making, we are constantly investing in it by enhancing our expertise and knowledge resources.