Quality Practice

“It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong” – Longfellow.

At AnnexMed, quality is an ever-expanding goal. Quality is not just about implementing a set of processes or a methodology it is more of an attitude where our staff is obsessed with maintaining the highest quality standards and delivering 100% defect-free services to customers.

We respect our commitments to our clients in delivering solutions that incorporate precise, controlled working methods, consistent quality for each type of service delivered, and a systematic use of processes that are then adapted to the individual objectives of each client.

Independent outside auditors regularly assess us, critically reviewing our infrastructure, processes, training, philosophy and HR policies. To ensure the highest possible quality of support services, AnnexMed has developed a robust quality management system (QMS) with a focus on “prevention” rather than “correction.” Our QMS is supported by quality assurance and a comprehensive system of internal audits and management reviews. This is the key to AnnexMed’s consistently high quality solutions—rigorous processes and checks combined with quality consciousness permeate our entire organization.

AnnexMed’s QMS consists of a managerial structure, specific responsibilities, activities, capabilities and resources that ensure our support services will have the desired quality factors. Quality factors are built into each engagement through a joint decision process involving both the customer and AnnexMed.

The QMS has the following broad-based activities:

  • Auditing projects to ensure compliance with quality controls.
  • Continually reviewing the quality system and its improvements.
  • Overseeing personnel development in the quality assurance (QA) area.
  • Acquiring trained/skilled resources for carrying out QA activities.
  • Having channels to provide input to support improvement activities.
  • Developing processes, procedures and guidelines.
  • Developing dashboard reports to the project stakeholders.

The quality process is divided into:

  • Data quality assurance, which is a quality measurement process to ensure accuracy of the data collected, updated and validated by an agent. This ensures that the error rates are within the service levels prescribed by the client.
  • Call quality monitoring, which is a quality measurement process to evaluate and establish the quality of voice delivery for patient and insurance follow-up. This is across the multiple parameters of customer support soft skills, product knowledge and resolution accuracy of an agent.
  • Compliance monitoring, which checks for adherence to legal and statutory compliance and conformance to client-specified policies and procedures.
  • Quality on quality, which is a process to check the accuracy of the claims processing and call quality evaluation carried out by the transaction monitoring officers who work in quality assurance processes.Success is a journey and not a destination. Likewise, improvement of quality process is continuous and marked only by milestones, never by completion! At AnnexMed, we realize the significance of quality, and to fulfill our goal of self-evident quality, we constantly improve our deliverables to match the increasing expectations of our customers.