The AnnexMed Difference

At AnnexMed, we understand that high operational costs can heavily contribute to declining profitability. We are dedicated to reduce your business operational costs and the increase of your profit. Here is a closer look at “The AnnexMed Difference”.

Unrivaled Affordability

At AnnexMed, we know how important cost control is to your practice/company. Not only can our industry-leading quality services help you reduce operational costs by 40%, we are able to do so at the most competitive prices in the industry. We empower you with the payment method that best suits your business.


Uncompromised Quality

We pride ourselves with our domain experience and industry standard quality control process. With stringent quality processes, service level agreements and a dedicated quality control team assigned to each of your projects, AnnexMed is able to deliver uncompromised quality.

Streamlined Delivery

With 12-48 hour turn-around times, multiple delivery centers, 24/7 service and support and the choice of onshore or offshore model delivery, we help you reach your goals faster and more effectively than ever before.

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