• The Significance of Accounts Receivable (AR) Days

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                  For doctor’s offices and clinics, effective revenue cycle management is essential. One of the most reliable indicators that your revenue cycle is in trouble is a steady increase in Accounts Receivable (AR) days. If your AR days are increasing, it ca

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  • ICD-10-CM Codes for Depressive Disorders

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              Ambulatory care visits where major depressive disorder is the primary diagnosis are becoming increasingly common. According to the CDC, they accounted for over 8 million visits between 2009 and 2010. In an average two-week period, over 7 percent of the US populatio

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  • Outsourcing Patient Eligibility Verification

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                    Earlier on the blog, we discussed the importance of understanding and managing medical insurance claim denials. One of the most common reasons for a claim denial is lack of coverage — that is, when there is a misunderstanding between the

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  • Understanding and Managing Claim Denials

    Posted by admin | June 2, 2017 , (0) comments

                For medical providers, one of the most common barriers to effective Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is frequent medical billing and claim denials. When an insurance company or carrier refuses to pay for health care services, it can significantly impact your c

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  • Understanding the Importance of Dental-Medical Cross Coding

    Posted by admin | May 26, 2017 , (0) comments

                A lot of dental practices shy away from dental-medical cross coding. The excuses that dentists give can vary widely, but they all come down to the same basic idea: dental-medical cross coding seems unnecessarily complicated. Dentists worry that it’s just n

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  • Understanding Revenue Cycle Drivers

    Posted by admin | May 18, 2017 , (0) comments

                  For health care providers, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is a major concern. In order to ensure that you receive full payment for all services in a timely manager, it is essential that all financial issues be managed properly from the moment the patient

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  • Expansion in the Home Health Care Industry

    Posted by admin | May 11, 2017 , (0) comments

              Over the past few years, the home health care industry has been booming. In total, the industry is expected to be worth $349.9 billion in 2020. More and more home health agencies are starting up and expanding across the country, and they are offering a wide range o

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  • Optional Diagnosis Item M1025: What Home Health Agencies Need to Know

    Posted by admin | May 4, 2017 , (0) comments

              There are lots of things about the new ICD-10-CM coding guidelines that can be confusing for home health care providers. One of the items that can be difficult for providers to understand as they try to fill out the OASIS form is the Optional Diagnoses item M1025 S

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  • Seventh Character Coding: A Guide for Home Health Providers

    Posted by admin | April 25, 2017 , (0) comments

                One of the biggest differences between ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM coding guidelines is the seventh-character coding extension. There are only a few areas of care where this extension needs to be used, and home health care is one of them. When assigning diagnosis

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  • Assigning Diagnosis Codes Based on the OASIS Report

    Posted by admin | April 20, 2017 , (0) comments

                Home health care providers are required to fill out an Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) form at a patient’s initial appointment, at each 60-day follow up appointment, and at the point of discharge. Providers are required to include a wide ran

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