• Coding for Pressure Ulcers on the OASIS-C2 Item Set

    Posted by admin | January 4, 2018 , (0) comments

                Pressure ulcers are among the most common conditions that are addressed by home health care workers. Patients with limited mobility — especially those who are bedridden or who use wheelchairs — are often at high risk of developing pressure ulcers

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  • Changes in the ICD-10 CM Code Set for 2018

    Posted by admin | December 14, 2017 , (0) comments

                Last week on the blog, we talked about the new Medicare telehealth services codes that are set to take effect in January. These new codes were added to the CPT and the HCPCS code sets, but these are not the only code sets that are due for an update […

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  • New Medicare Telehealth Services Codes for 2018

    Posted by admin | December 7, 2017 , (0) comments

                As technology reshapes the way people think about the provision of healthcare, telehealth services are on the rise. In order to respond to this trend, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is adding several new codes to the CPT and the HCPCS c

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  • Complying with New Regulations on Federal Employee Workers’ Comp Claims for Opioid Medications

    Posted by admin | November 30, 2017 , (0) comments

                      In light of the growing epidemic of opioid addiction and overdose in the United States, the Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation (DFEC) within the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) has issued new guidelines for w

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  • New K Codes for Continuous Glucose Monitors

    Posted by admin | November 24, 2017 , (0) comments

                      In the United States today, an estimated 30.3 million people — about 9.4 percent of the total population — has diabetes. Patients with diabetes have to monitor their blood glucose levels regularly in order to make key health

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  • Making Sense of the HCPCS Code Groupings

    Posted by admin | November 16, 2017 , (0) comments

                In last week’s post, we provided an overview of the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS). This code set is administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and is it used primarily to bill government payers (although some

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  • The HCPCS Coding System: What You Need to Know

    Posted by admin | November 13, 2017 , (0) comments

                      Last week, we looked at the ICD-10 and CPT coding systems, which are the two dominant code sets used for medical coding and billing in the United States today. However, if you’re billing Medicare, Medicaid, or one of a few other third-

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  • Working with the ICD-10 and CPT Code Sets

    Posted by admin | November 2, 2017 , (0) comments

                  One of the most challenging things about medical coding today is the complexity of the different coding systems. To meet your goals for A/R days and keep your revenue cycle running smoothly, your coding staff needs to be able to quickly and efficientl

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  • Understanding Worker’s Comp Claim Denials and Objections

    Posted by admin | October 26, 2017 , (0) comments

              Every year, an estimated 3.5 percent of full-time employees in the United States make worker’s comp claims to pay for medical treatment for work-related illnesses and injuries. For small clinics that regularly provide care for these patients, problems with worker

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  • The Basics of Medical Coding for Telehealth Visits

    Posted by admin | October 23, 2017 , (0) comments

                Advanced communication technology is revolutionizing the way healthcare is provided. One of the most significant advances in the last decade is telemedicine, which refers to a broad range of remotely-provided medical services. One such service is telehealth

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