• Seventh Character Coding: A Guide for Home Health Providers

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                One of the biggest differences between ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM coding guidelines is the seventh-character coding extension. There are only a few areas of care where this extension needs to be used, and home health care is one of them. When assigning diagnosis

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  • Assigning Diagnosis Codes Based on the OASIS Report

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                Home health care providers are required to fill out an Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) form at a patient’s initial appointment, at each 60-day follow up appointment, and at the point of discharge. Providers are required to include a wide ran

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  • An Oasis of Information- Home Health Care Providers

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                As more Baby Boomers hit retirement age, the number of patients seeking home health care is on the rise. Every time a home health care provider begins working with a new patient, they must begin by filling out an Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS

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  • How to Code Maternal Delivery Complications in ICD-10

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                Delivering a baby can be a complicated process that results in multiple medical codes needing to be billed. Obstetricians can select from over seventeen categories of labor and delivery complications. Within the categories, there can be tens of subcategories

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  • A Guide to Coding Asthma in ICD-10

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                Internal medicine practitioners and pulmonologists must select from eighteen different codes under J45 for asthma. These codes are further complicated by additional codes that demonstrate the cause of the asthma, of which there are six. Selecting the right c

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  • Cross-Coding Dental Tissue Examinations

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                Dentists and their staff must be able to speak two languages in order to properly code all dental procedures. The first is the dental claim codes. The second is the medical claim codes. Although not all procedures require medical billing and coding, some pro

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  • Cross-Coding: When Dental Procedures are Medically Necessary

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              Although many dental procedures are the sole realm of dentistry, some procedures require applying medical codes. To be filed as a medical code, the procedure needs to be defined as medically necessary. Procedures that are considered medically necessary align with t

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  • Coding Complex Cardiologic Diagnoses and Procedures

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                One of the major difficulties of coding cardiologic procedures for medical billing is that many patients have multiple interacting diagnoses that must be coded. The current medical billing standard, ICD-10, provides more codes than the previous edition, ICD-

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  • Medical Billing Timing Benchmarks

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              How do doctors know if they are running an efficient practice? Medical staff may track rates of patient recovery. Another way to determine efficiency is to compare medical billing and coding timelines to industry standards. In a 2008 interview with Becker’s A

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  • Billing Orthopedic Procedures

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                For the busy orthopedic doctor, submitting the proper medical billing codes can be time-consuming. One reason is the specificity of the medical billing codes, which require knowledge of the procedure, the patient, the time frame and the location. Logging eve

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