As a healthcare service provider, you face many challenges – a shortage of skill sets and domain experts, an inability to scale up your operations in tune with your aggressive business development plans, high attrition rates, increasing overhead costs, hiring and maintaining quality staff, and coping with the increasingly complex regulatory environment.

The most common hazard is associated with hiring, training and retaining qualified office personnel. These complexities, increasing almost by the day, will pull your organization away from focusing on increasing cash flow for your providers.

To overcome this obstacle, your practice/company needs to improve its revenue cycle efficiency at every phase of the claims processing. While a company can stretch out the process, people and resources to maximum efficiency, business partnerships are an important strategic alternative.

AboutU MedicalBillingCompany

AnnexMed can be an unsurpassed partner with advantages and benefits that no other company offers. We have the vision to help you achieve your financial and operational goals and will be an annexure of your practice/company. For this reason we don’t view ourselves as a solution or a service provider; but rather as a business partner. Acting as an extension of your office; AnnexMed provides end-end medical billing and collections service, medical coding, eligibility verifications and old AR recovery. We are committed to providing all aspects of medical billing and collection services from an On/Off-shore facility equipped with world-class infrastructure and connectivity.

Regardless of the size of your practice, we have the experience. skill and resources to reduce your operational costs, and improve the level of your customer support by freeing up your office staff to perform more core duties.


Please take a few moments and see all the services that we offer that make us the perfect match for all of your outsourcing needs. Contact us today to find out more about our services and solutions that are available to you. As your partner, we want to show you how your business can be more efficient today.